How To Repurpose Your Blog Content In 12 Ways

So, picture this. You post a blog post on Monday. That’s one piece of content. Then the next day, you’re trying to think of an Instagram caption. ….And you’ve got nothing. You’re not sure what valuable content you want to give to your followers.

The day after that, it’s time to prepare an email for your list. But… what do you email them about?

As bloggers, we spend so much time creating content. It’s very time-consuming. And, after a while, you start to run out of fresh ideas at one point or another.

So… what do you do?

You repurpose content!

  • What does it mean to repurpose content?

Now, let’s go over a similar scenario. You write a blog post on Monday. On Tuesday, you write a smaller version of the post in your Instagram caption. You might even add in a CTA (Call to action) to ask your followers to go read the full post if they’re interested.

Wednesday, when you’re writing a newsletter to your email list, you repurpose the content again and send it out to your subscribers!

Repurposing content just means using the same piece of content in different ways.

  • Won’t followers know I’m talking about the same topic?

Honestly, it’s not likely.

The truth is, not many people on the internet follow everything that you do. They don’t see every tweet you send, or email, or read every blog post. It may seem to you like you are repeating yourself by posting refurbished forms of content, but that’s because you know that you are.

It’s very likely that your followers are not paying close enough attention to you to notice!

Which, may seem like a bad thing. Don’t we want our followers to pay attention to us?

Obviously, we do. But the fact that they don’t hyper-focus on all of our content can be used to our advantage in the form of reusing!

  • Why do you want to repurpose content?

Here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider reusing your content.

  • SEO benefits

On my blog, I always stress the importance of having a niche. It helps give Google information on what your site is about.

Repurposing content and talking about the same topics on your blog is basically like writing in your niche. It gives you an added SEO benefit and helps Google understand what you’re all about!

This can help you rank in search because Google will see your blog as an authority in that topic!

  • Save time

Re-purposing content will save you time in the long run because you aren’t having to constantly be coming up with fresh content. You can reuse old content and distribute it in different ways.

The fastest way to do this is to batch create your content. If you already know you want your blog post to go out in a smaller form to your email list, once you are done writing the post, copy the important parts, and form your email.

Then you can condense it down from there into an Instagram caption! Or even take a quote or a line of the post and make it into a Tweet.

In no time at all you’ve just created 4 pieces of content!

  • Interlink your content

If you create similar content, you can begin interlinking relevant content that your readers may also be interested in. Or link a post that goes deeper in on a topic you’re talking about.

This can also help you reduce the bounce rate on your blog (Meaning how quickly people are leaving your blog.)

If you write a post on “How to Crochet a Winter Hat” you may want to also link your post on “How to Crochet a Winter Scarf” Because the reader might be interested in creating more winter attire.

  • How to find content worth repurposing?

So now that you know you should be repurposing content, you may be asking yourself what content is actually worth reusing?

  • Most popular content

The first place you should look is in your Google Analytics. Check your most popular posts, and try to jot down some ideas that could be related.

You always want to try and find ways to write more on your most popular topics. Your audience is already telling you what they want to see more of by what they are coming to your site to see!

  • Ways to repurpose content
  1. Write a Part 2

If you see a post gaining traction on your site, consider writing a part two or even turning it into a series of posts. You might be able to write 2-3 posts related to that topic or it might be something you do monthly. (Monthly Amazon Favs, Books I’ve read this month, My Favorite Fashion finds etc…)

  1. Create a Roundup or list Post

If you have content on a similar topic, for example, you post a lot of holiday recipes, you could combine that into a list post.

“The 12 Best Recipies for Thanksgiving dinner”

You could list posts that you have already written, give a short description and link the post so people can check it out more in-depth!

  1. Create multiple Pinterest pins

You should be creating more than one Pinterest pin for your blog posts! The day a post goes live, I have 4 pins ready to go out that week to promote it.

And every week I got through my most popular posts and make pins to promote my content.

Test out different styles of pins, with different titles, or colors and sizes! Test things out and see what your audience likes best!

  1. Write a newsletter

If you have an email list, you can repurpose that post for your newsletter as well!

Send out a shorter version of your blog post and link back to it if someone on your list wants to read more.

  1. Create Instagram posts
  2. Share on insta stories
  3. Post on your Facebook page
  4. Post in Facebook groups (where allowed)
  5. Tweet about it (more than once)
  6. Create a YouTube video
  7. Record a Podcast episode
  8. Share on tik-tok



As you can see, repurposing your content is all about creating more content in less time. One blog post can turn into 12 pieces of content.

Of course, you do not need to be turning every single blog post into all of this content. Not every blog post may be able to be reused a bunch of times, plus you may not have the time to be everywhere all at once. But, hopefully this has given you a better idea of how to repurpose your content!