7 Influential Reasons I Became A Beach Body Coach

Finding My Motivation

On December 4th, 2018 my daughter Casey arrived. As a new Father, I was the most excited and the most scared. At that time I was also at 262 lbs. It was not the heaviest I have ever been but I was overweight and unhealthy. One thing stood out in my mind and was the catalyst in my fitness perspective. I did not ever want to be the Father that had to tell his kid no because of his weight and being overtired. 

Taking Action

With that it in my head on July 1st I woke up at 5 am. I put my workout clothes on. I got my work clothes ready to go with me and kissed my beautiful wife before heading for work. I worked out 5-6 days a week using the fitness center in the basement of my work building and on occasion the fitness center at my apartment complex. I continued to do this until the end of September when the company I had been working for demolished my department and I was let go because my position was no longer there. 

The Continuation of  My Journey

However, my fitness journey had only just begun and I felt like I had learned a ton but I had farther to go. 4 years ago through the power of Social Media and a common connection, I met my now very dear friends Josh and Javanna Questereit. They both were doing programs and sharing their fitness journey so I watched and supported from the sidelines. I saw them grow in confidence and transform into amazing people both physically and mentally. Initially, I was just going to order a few products and try things out. However the more I thought about it I decided I needed to go all in and not just become a customer but become a Beach Body Coach. Ultimately my decision was based on 7 electrifying reasons. 
  1. Team Mentality
  2. Virtual Gym Membership
  3. Fitness Challenges
  4. Sunshine Juice
  5. Chocolate Therapy
  6. Josh and Javanna
  7. Myself

Team Mentality

Most of my life I have always tried things solo and preferred doing things on my own but every time I was part of a team I felt more power and accountability. I found a team that had a team mentality. We thrived on competing against our records and we love supporting each person and every victory that is made big or small. It does not matter. 

Virtual Gym Membership

I am not a morning person but being able to have access to a virtual gym membership makes it 1000 times easier for me to roll out of bed, put on my workout clothes, and press play. I get to choose from thousands of workouts based on my current fitness level and be trained by certified trainers. No matter if I am at home or traveling I can still do my workouts. 

Fitness Challenge Groups

There is an unwritten rule or maybe it is written somewhere but the power of doing challenge groups is undeniable. The power of 1 can do great but groups of 2 or more can make epic strides. The major difference I found with the team fitness challenges is that they are 

Sunshine Juice

When I find something I enjoy drinking on the daily I hold onto that stuff like it is going out of style. This is how I feel about my sunshine juice. No, it’s not called that but the nickname says it all. It’s my perfect pre-workout drink that I use 30 minutes before starting. 

Chocolate Therapy

After a grueling workout, my muscles would be so sore that I couldn’t work out for two days after. Then I was introduced to what I call Chocolate Therapy. I know it works because when it runs out and I have to wait for more my muscles certainly feel it. My muscles send me thank you notes when I use it on a regular and consistent basis.

Josh and Javanna

This couple is on fire. They have become my best of friends and am grateful for them. On multiple occasions, I have reached out and asked them questions about various topics. I always felt they had my back and didn’t want to just sell me and leave me to the wolves. 


Ultimately the most influential reason was me. I needed to step it up. Becoming just a customer was not good enough for me. I didn’t want or need to be in the background. I wanted to change myself and be part of a big movement in helping as many people as I can change their lifestyle and be the best version of themselves financially, physically, and mentally. 
Every one of us is different. We are all unique in different ways and we each have something to bring to the table. Our goals are different. If you would like to learn more please feel free to reach out to me and I would love to talk more about it and your own goals. 

Post may contain affiliate links. This means if you decide to purchase I will receive a commission percentage of the Sale. I only promote what I believe in and have used myself. 

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