Radical Self Acceptance and Why It's So Important Right Now

When the New Years ball in Time Square dropped on January 1st, 2020 at the stroke of midnight, I had thoughts of a very promising year, a year of growth, travel & strengthening bonds. I had no idea my life would flip upside down & be forced to socially distance, cancel plans & find my purpose (again) at the cusp of 30. 

And although I managed to make the best out of this crazy year & according to a previous blog post, discover 2020 was my best year yet; I didn’t have this realization right away. In the beginning, I was angry. I blamed the world for my misfortune & I felt like this virus showed up at my doorstep just when my life was getting good! It wasn’t fair. But I gradually had to radically self accept the fact this was how life was playing out at the moment & I just had to roll with the punches. 

But what is radical self acceptance & why is it so important, especially right now in this new normal? 

Radical Self Acceptance: on a global scale, it is completely accepting things as they are especially those of which we cannot change even if we don’t like the outcome. 

   And what better time to practice such self acceptance. But you can apply this concept to many aspects of life. For those who tend to worry or suffer from anxiety, learning how to radically self accept the cards you’ve been dealt is rather healing. Why let those negative thoughts fester when you can’t do much about the outcome? All you do is wear your mind out in the process. 

   Unfortunately, sometimes you have to face the reality of a situation. And it doesn’t mean you necessarily agree with said outcome, it’s rather learning to say, “it is what it is” & move on. And sure, accepting can be painful in some circumstances. This past year & currently, we’ve all been through it. Some of us have lost jobs while others have had to balance work & homeschooling. Others are struggling finding ways to pay bills or buy groceries. Some have even gotten very ill or even succumbed to much worse. It’s like we’ve had to put our plans on pause for a second (or months).  And although there are a few ways to stay safe & work around these obstacles, a lot of it has been us sitting & waiting for this all to blow over. 

   In the case of the pandemic & how it affected me, I had to find myself again & “purpose” if you will. But by radically self accepting things as they were, I managed to rediscover passions (like writing), enjoy the simple aspects of life & gain an understanding of minimalism & reevaluating what I prioritize. I focused on gratitude. And  I became a better person in the process. So, before you go yelling at the world & thinking “woe is me”, maybe all you have to do is change your perspective. Even in times like these, your journey doesn’t have to completely stop. You just have to write your story differently. 


Photo by Ibraim Leonardo from Pexels

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