3 Simple Tricks To Crush Productivity and Reduce Stress

There are 24 hours in a day to get things done. The hardest part is managing the most crucial hours and utilizing efficient ways to crush productivity and reduce stress all at the same time. It’s no doubt that our stress levels are going to fluctuate our entire lives; so how do we manage that stress and keep it from dictating how we live our lives?

Let me first share a story and then I will show you 3 small things you can do to crush productivity and reduce stress.

When I worked for a pool supply company I learned how to fix different pool cleaners. Some were easier than others. One of my managers I noticed when putting the plastic belt on the wheels could do it every easily and without much difficulty. When I started to learn my other manager had me take one of the ones that had come in for repair, take it all apart and put it back together. Since it was busy that day and it was the one model of cleaner that we all dreaded because of the complexity of the small beast, that plastic belt took me three hours to put on. On the inside, I was in a rage and my thought was that if this one piece is going to take me that long I would slow the process down. However the more I did my speed and abilities increased. I found that by following simple steps I could get each cleaner repaired quicker which in turn helped increase revenue for the store and my stress dramatically decreased because I could fix more cleaners and help more customers.

I no longer work there but since then I have defined these 3 small ways to crush productivity and reduce stress.
   Create Your Day to day flow
   Scrap the unnecessary parts of your life
   Get comfortable with everything not always getting done in your own time.

Create Your day to day Flow

If you don’t have a direction then you are going nowhere. The first step towards productivity is creating your day to day flow. Figure out the most important tasks you need to do each day to help your life move forward and hold yourself accountable to those tasks. Use Apps or a notebook and have fun checking off your list. Certain things you do that day you may want to remember go one step farther and write your experiences down.

Scrap the unnecessary parts of your life

This integrates well with step one. While doing step one scrap all the other crap that won’t help you or benefit you. You should be your priority. You are the most important. Stand on your own two feet, take charge of your life and don’t let others take advantage of you. When you have the confidence to pick and choose what is on your plate, your plate won’t get overloaded and spillover.

Get Comfortable With Everything Not Always Getting Done

Last but not least get comfortable with everything not always getting done in your own time. Enjoy the day. There will be days where circumstances prevent you from doing all tasks. Well, guess what? You are alive! You got stuff done! That is what counts my friend. Now go crush productivity and reduce stress

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