10 Hacks That Took My Blogging Career To The Next Level

My name is Shyla and I’ve been blogging for around 3 years on a serious level.  I hate to see other bloggers struggle with their blog or business the way that I had to when I started. When I began my blog I was bombarded with misinformation and sales pitches. As I learned more (usually the hard way) I began to find out what works. These are the 10 hacks that took my blogging career to the next level.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

This is a program that I stumbled upon while trying to find answers to my questions in the darkness of the online world. This is a community of extremely helpful entrepreneurs who want nothing but to see each other succeed. The creators of the program are always available to answer questions and help others out.

Undoubtedly this program took my blogging career to the next level in my early beginnings.  I learned a lot about affiliate marketing from this platform and I find their membership to be well worth it. The best part about this program is that you can pay monthly or yearly, and you can drop out at any time. I like to pop back in from time to time to check out their newest training videos and seminars.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is my bread and butter. I use this social media platform daily to drive traffic to my blog posts. I could go on and on about how Pinterest has changed the way my website performs. You can create graphics, story pins, and videos about virtually any content you want and bring in tons of new visitors. Once you figure out how to make Pinterest work for you, it will become a gold mine of unlimited traffic and potential revenue.

Pinterest is so effective that I have created my guide to help others achieve the same level of success I’ve had with it. I currently have 1 million+ monthly views. You can grab my Pinterest Guide To 500k+ Views Per Month And Beyond – Pro right here to get off to an amazing start. I highly recommend you give it a try.

3. Canva

Canva is one tool that truly took my blogging career to the next level because it is totally free and so helpful. You can design amazing graphics, pictures, logos, and Pinterest pins with ease using this program. Canva is unbelievably easy to use and it has so many benefits. You can even design pdf products and lead magnets with Canva.  Use this program for free to create things others will pay for. What a huge win!

4. Amazon Associates

My favorite of all affiliate programs to be a part of is Amazon Associates. Why? Because everyone and their grandmother orders stuff from Amazon on a nearly regular basis. By creating Pinterest pins for my blog posts I can drive sales for my Amazon Associates account nonstop. The Amazon Associates program is one of the first affiliate marketing programs I joined and continues to be my money-making weapon of choice.

5. Amazon Influencer Program

Perhaps a more challenging program to get into, but well worth it. The Amazon Influencer Program undoubtedly has taken my blogging career to the next level because unlike the Amazon Associates program, which only allows you to link directly on your website, the Amazon Influencer program allows you to link anywhere! Yes, anywhere! On social media, your Facebook page, and virtually anywhere else you can think of. With this program, you create your very own shoppable storefront of recommended items just like me. This opens a whole new door of revenue you could never think possible!

My storefront can be found here as an example. https://www.amazon.com/shop/shyla_elza

6. Gumroad

I am still relatively new to Gumroad, but I can tell you it is one of the best sales platforms out there for bloggers. You can sell virtually any digital product you create there. Even a simple printable can be sold on Gumroad. You can customize virtually every aspect of your sales page there too. Gumroad is a cutting-edge tool for bloggers and entrepreneurs of all sorts.

7. Media Kits

Media kits are well worth the time to make and are essentially your virtual business card. If you want to work with a business or company, you should include a media kit in your email pitch. This should contain all your credentials, services, and even prices. Creating a media kit is certainly a hack that bloggers forget about and should utilize.

8. Opt-In Freebies

My blog truly took off once I learned about opt-in freebies. This is a product, service, or file you provide in exchange for a signup or email. This allows you to stay in contact with the portion of your audience that is truly interested in what you have to offer. You can use a freebie as an incentive for visitors to stay in touch with your blog. Creating opt-in freebies took my blogging career to the next level in a major way. If you haven’t made your first freebie I highly recommend doing so.

9. Teachable

Teachable is like Gumroad in the sense that you can sell your product there. More specifically Teachable is for selling E-courses. You can earn a lot of money online selling your knowledge to others. You may think you have nothing to offer but trust me you are an expert in something. People will truly pay to know what you know if you present it to them properly. Teachable makes this extremely easy and professional.

10. Networking

Networking is one of the best blogging tools you can take advantage of. Keeping to yourself and trying to grow alone is extremely difficult and time-consuming. Reach out to other bloggers or entrepreneurs in your niche to exchange guest posts, comments, and more! The more you expand the better your blog or business will perform. In my opinion, networking is what truly has taken my blogging career to the next level and continues to do so. Networking has an endless amount of potential benefits. I highly recommend getting out there and helping others.

In conclusion:

I hope this post helps you in your blogging endeavors. I love seeing others succeed and prosper. By utilizing a few of the tools and ideas I have mentioned you too can take your blogging career to the next level sooner than later. Time wasting is one of the biggest issues that bloggers and entrepreneurs face. Stay consistent, produce great content regularly, and don’t be afraid to reach out to others. You will be surprised how far you will go and how much your blog will grow!

If you’d like to see more of my posts or would like to stay connected, feel free to check out my blog @ www.sinceremommy.com. Stay safe, happy, and healthy during these crazy times!

  • Shyla

Post may contain affiliate links. This means if you decide to purchase I will receive a commission percentage of the Sale. I only promote what I believe in and have used myself. 

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