4 Mind-Blowing Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic Harnessing The Combined Power of Pinterest and Tailwind

Pinterest is a fire hose of information. It has become a place to plan, create, shop, and dream. As Bloggers, our goal is to show up and help influence as many as we can to plan, create, shop and dream. Every single blog post we write we aim to get front of hundreds if not thousands of people. 
Guess what? By using Pinterest along with another awesome tool created to enhance it, Tailwind, you can get your posts in front of those thousands that you are looking to influence. Before moving forward it is going to take some work and it will not happen overnight. Let me now show you exactly how to increase your Blog Traffic using Pinterest and Tailwind

SEO Optimized Posts

Every single post you write needs to be SEO optimized. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that when someone searches using specific keywords it increases your chances of yours being at the top of the search. For more help on SEO, you can opt to get these guides created by my friend Nele Van Hout. You can follow her on twitter at @thenavigatio

Pinterest Graphics

With each post, you will also be creating Pinterest Graphics. For each Pin, I always recommend creating 5-10 different Pins for each post. The reason for this is because as you get more content written you are going to ramp up and start repinning these pins. For the ones that you seem not to be getting too many views on you can make new pins. I have found that Canva is the easiest to make multiple pins. You can use their multiple templates and with a few tweaks here and there you can make it your own. If you are looking to save yourself some massive amounts of time you can purchase these 86 Pinterest Templates that have already been tested and proven to get clicks on your pins. 

Schedule Pins with Tailwind

I am guessing by this point you are thinking this is way too much work to increase your blog traffic. To be honest it is daunting. This is why adding Tailwind to this process will take some of that work off of your shoulders. 
Tailwind allows you to upload multiple pins. For the free version, you can schedule 100 a month. It is very easy to select the Board, add a link and a description. When you add the link and hit enter it will populate the Title for you. 
Once you get set up with Tailwind schedule 20-25 pins a day. If you already have more than 50 posts you can do your content. Just starting schedule a mix of other relevant content. The main idea is to keep your content at the top of the searches. 
Two features to consider on top of what’s already there. SmartLoop and Tribes. Once you get a bunch of content just keep shuffling, rescheduling, and keep those pins pinned to the top. 

Pinterest Group Boards

Don’t limit yourself just by posting to your boards. Follow and Engage with your community that is sharing the same content. Let them post to your boards and post on theirs. This increases your reach exponentially. 
For a more in-depth course on growing your traffic with Pinterest, I recommend enrolling in Pinterest With Ell You can learn more by clicking on the link. You can also follow Ell on Twitter username @BGBloggers 
I hope this post has been helpful and would love to hear any comments or feedback. I also encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter and become a part of my blogging community and my friends. 

Post may contain affiliate links. This means if you decide to purchase I will receive a commission percentage of the Sale. I only promote what I believe in and have used myself. 

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