10 Empowering Steps To Get Fit Your Way

The year I graduated high school was the same year where all my physical activity ceased and my eating never changed. As you would have guessed I jumped from my fit 175 lbs to almost 300 plus lbs. That was in 2003 and its almost 2020. I have struggled with my weight ever since. 
Before the end of June 2019, I told myself that I was going to lose 63 lbs and get back down to 200 lbs. I said it’s now or never and truthfully never was no longer an option. Having a new baby girl who becomes more and more active every day I knew that I did not want to be the Father who said No to playing with her because of my weight. On July 1st at 5 am I began a habit which shocked even myself. I began to lose weight and get fit my way. You can also lose weight and get Fit YOUR way too and I am going to share with you my routine so you can hopefully be inspired for your fitness journey of becoming a healthier, better you. 
My first step in losing weight my way was getting into a solid routine. I took it 1 day at a time and I showed up to workout. While establishing my routine I focused on my smaller goals and celebrated those as I worked.towards my bigger goal. This helped me to stay fiercely motivated instead of being severely discouraged. 
I began to also heavily analyze my eating habits. How much I was eating. What I was eating. When I was eating and how often I would eat or even why was I eating. In doing this I realized I ate a ton of fatty foods, ate when I was sitting around or stressed out or if it was in front of my face. How did I change that? I started eating normal-sized portions, paid more attention to what I was putting into my body, and said no to desserts and chocolate for a bit while I was getting my brain retrained my brain that I do not need those unhealthy foods every single hour of every single day.
I could go on about certain workouts or how long you should be working out but I believe strongly that to lose weight your way you don’t make major changes all at once you make smaller changes over time, tweaking and adjusting as you go along. Find calorie and fat burning activities that you have a passion for and do them. Combine that with eating healthier with foods that you enjoy. I am confident this will help you lose weight your way and also be a better healthier you. 
Now here are the 10 Daily Steps To  Lose Weight and Get Fit Your Way listed out. You do not need to do these in order but you do need to do them. These will help you lose weight and get fit your way. Its not anybody else’s motivation or grind. It is yours. remember that. Challenge yourself and more importantly do not compare your journey to anybody else’s
Daily Step 1: Establishing Routine
Daily Step 2: Better Eating Habits
Daily Step 3: Train Your Brain To  Say No
Daily Step 4: Fat Burning Activities You Enjoy
Daily Step 5: Eat Healthier
Daily Step 6: Small Victory Focus
Daily Step 7: Tweak As You Go
Daily Step 8: Smaller Portions
Daily Step 9: Join Challenge Groups
Daily Step 10: Track What You  Eat

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