12 Power Habits That Create Success From the Inside Out

Success can be defined in many different forms. It can come in many different ways. Why wait for success to come to you? Why hope and pray that success will fall into your lap? If you want success, then you need to know how to create success. Success starts with you. I am going to talk about 12 power habits that will help you create your success, no matter what form it comes in. You master these 12 power habits you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

  1. Define Who You Are
  2. Expand Your Comfort Zone
  3. Out of The Box Mentality
  4. Seek The Best
  5. Fail Forward
  6. Honesty
  7. Be Solution Focused
  8. Forget Titles
  9. Negate Negativity
  10. Be Flexible
  11. Learn Patience
  12. Be Charitable


Define Who You Are

On this planet, there are more than 6 billion people. You each have your unique traits and talents and although you may think the same on some levels each of you is different. You need to learn to accept and embrace that difference. In such a fast-paced society where our lives are driven and influenced by social networks, texting, Instant Messaging, and email as well as many other things our identity can be overshadowed and who we are on the inside, meaning our spirits or our souls become hidden from view and the role we were meant to play in this life takes a back seat.  

      Growing up I always thought I knew who I was and where I was going and the purpose that I was going to play in the society which for me at the time meant that I just wanted to live my life the best I could, try not to get into too much trouble and hopefully make my parents proud someday. For the most part, you could say that I was not a bad kid but I will be honest, out of all my siblings, at least from my perspective they went through some pretty rough times with me and as my mom will attest she could not go to bed unless I was in bed and asleep. Now do not get me wrong I am not saying I had a tough childhood or that my growing up years was tough. That is not the point I am trying to make. The point I am trying to make is that growing up I was trying to determine my role in life and figure out who I was and who I wanted to become.  I was trying to make sense of the environment around me and instead of just following in my parent’s footsteps pave my path and become my person while trying to live those principles and values they taught me. It was only up until a couple of years ago that I finally figured out my role that I played among the 6 billion-plus people on this planet. As soon as I figured that out my life began moving forward. 
      Do not settle yourself into a job just because it is paying the bills. Do not stop learning because you feel like you have learned everything you need to know how to do your job or take care of your kids or whatever it is you may be doing or even want to be doing. You have an obligation and a right to define your role in this life. Once you determine that and yes it may take a while as it did for me but never give up on that because that is the first part of being truly successful and helping you live the life that you want to live.


  Expand Your Comfort Zone

Take a glance at your life and try to see if you can remember all those things that you felt would have been a great opportunity for you or even just something that you plain just wanted to do but were too scared to do for one reason or another. As those things come to mind write them down and see how many you come up with. Before reading on give yourself enough time to ponder, and dig deep into your memory bank. When you have come up with your list and you believe it is final please read on.

Do you find yourself missing a lot?  Do you look back and find that you are a go-getter and that nothing scares you? In either case, you need to be honest with yourself because this is where most people get stuck in a rut (including myself from time to time). The reality for all of us is that our comfort zone holds us back. Once we reach the end of our comfort zone we stop and we stay within that comfort zone doing those same things repeatedly and ultimately achieving the same results.  If you ever expect to gain any ground or achieve different results, then you need to expand your comfort zone.  Search for ways to overcome those fears that you have and the doubts that linger in your mind. I extend a challenge to all of you.  From this point on make it a point each week to do one thing that scares you and focus on that until it no longer scares you and it becomes natural. Then choose something else and just keep doing that over and over again. I can promise you that in so doing that your life will be more enriched.  Keep in mind that going out of your comfort zone does not mean you have to be a daredevil. You do not need to go sky diving or jump off a high cliff. This means doing things that you normally would not such as learning a new job skill or even going back to school and getting that degree that you have been wanting to for all this time but have not been able to for one reason or another.   Now let me tell you a story about a man who demonstrated this in one brave instance.

     Years ago I was told the story of a man by the name of Steve Ginner.  Steve Ginner was an Olympic Swimmer who was dedicated to his craft.  From the age of 9, he practiced for 7 days a week, 7 hours a day for 7 years.  The following is said by someone who I do not know because it was passed onto me by a wise man who owns a very successful business in Utah. You may know it because they did the banners for the Salt Lake Olympics.

“Ten days before the team went to Munich Germany for the Olympic Games, Steve becomes Ill. His right lung collapsed. They took him to the hospital. They had to open him up and pump up his lungs. Tough Luck Steve, you’re not going to be able to swim in the Olympics….Steve Said I am going to swim…. Steve Showed up in Munich. He begins the 200-meter race. He jumps into the pool and after the first stroke comes up and lets out a blood-curdling scream of pain, but he continues.  AT 100 meters halfway through he holds a one-yard lead and is pulling away…it is been 10 days since he became ill and he still has stitches in his body…he turns and kicks off the wall for the final 100 yards and as he does the stitches rip from his body. He begins to bleed..he loses a pint of blood…he keeps going….the loss of blood weakens him and slows him down…Mark Spitz overtakes and beats him by one finger width.”

Are you wondering why I shared that story with you? Let me tell you why. I shared this story to show you that the fears and doubts you are having are normal. I share it with you because if you are committed enough you can get rid of any fears and doubts. Steve Ginner could have easily walked away that day but because he had already committed his whole heart and soul to what he believed in he came out on the other side knowing that he could do anything he put his mind to.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Believe in Yourself. Believe in Your Organization and its principles. Instead of letting your comfort zone hold you back let it accelerate you to greater heights.

    When it comes down to finding out who you are always remember that you are your own worst critic and that if you need to talk to friends, family, and neighbors that you would trust to help you figure out your best you. I have only come as far as I have come because of my Family and Friends. In even my darkest of places, it is they who have kept me walking back towards the light so I could see myself again and the person that I wanted to become. Humility does go a long way to push that pride back and let the ones in that love you to help. Also, keep in mind that the best advice also sometimes comes from strangers. #2: Never give up on yourself. Things take time and being able to transition can be difficult for most people but if you learn to take a step back so you can look at the bigger picture and get a clear view of what is going on. Those fears and doubts you have if you embrace them can be conquered

Out of Box Mentality

There is the traditional way of doing things which, have worked for centuries which is why people use them and will continue to use them. However, when it comes down to it new and better things are being invented every day, so why if we can use them to get ahead in life or help make our lives better would we not use them. This is what I have come to learn as being boxed in.  We are so used to having a set of rules and traditions that we forget about the other options that are out there for us that can help us reach our destination.  Let me paint a picture for you. Take for example you were out on the beach. The sun is shining. It’s not too hot. It’s not too cold. Then like lightning, you are surrounded by six brick walls top to bottom. There are no windows.  There is nothing but brick and mortar and no way out. Does the thought of that make you a bit nervous or even just a little sick? This is the kind of thing that holds people and organizations back. There is a cycle of thinking that says, since it was done this way before and it worked before we should do it too. Decide now to not let yourself be boxed in. You are already unique and different so be different. Let that mass of creativity flow from you like lava from a volcano that envelopes everything in its path but unlike the volcano, you are not being destructive but rather making a lasting impression with every person or organization you come in contact with. One last thing I want to leave with you is to not be like a lemming and jump off the cliff with the other lemmings. They all die. Now go Be Different and stop keeping yourself boxed in.

Seek The Best

If you were to take a week observing the world around you, you would find that there is a plethora of good things out there. You could also say that you have a lot of good options to choose from. Now I want you to stick this phrase in your head and carry it with you always. “Just because it is Good Does not mean it is Good For you.” We are not looking for what is good for us but what is BEST for us. We want all the choices that we make to be the very best but again we are human so of course, there are going to be times when the choices we make are not the best even though we thought so at the time.

During my sophomore year in college, the gal I was married to asked me for a divorce. Between both of us, we knew that this was going to be the best for us for a variety of reasons. We were not happy with who we both were becoming and knew that for us to truly find ourselves we needed to part from each other and lead our lives separate from one another.  To be quite honest, I was embarrassed, I was ashamed and for the next two weeks once we decided that, I could not bring myself to come into work.  That of course led to me being fired after working there for three years and I do not blame them for making that decision. I brought them to that decision with my actions.  During that first half of the year, I lost my job, I was divorced and because I had failed that semester I was about to be thrown out of school.  I wish I could say that I was handling things gracefully but I truly was not. At this point I did not care that I was about to get kicked out of school, I was more in shock over losing my job than anything so I thought well I may as well pack up and move back to Montana which was of course where I grew up and I thought I could start fresh there and just get away from everything.  While I had been going up there I had a job all lined up, I was just about to sign for an apartment and once I had sold my contract where I was currently living I would be gone. The contract that I had on the apartment did not end up selling as fast as I wanted to which prevented me from starting the new job. Due to those facts, I ended up moving into a basement apartment, petitioning to get back into school, and getting back in. Then to make a long story short on August 27th of 2011 I married the BEST girl, and I am now graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications but I will tell you it was not an easy climb.  Yes, Montana would have been good but it would not have been the BEST thing for me to do.

Now, look at your life and the things that you are doing. Are they the BEST things for you to do or do you see some things that you need to change?  Now let me just emphasize one thing. Just because you are struggling to get there does not mean you are always going the right direction or are on the right path. For you to get where you want to go you always need to be evaluating and if need be making changes to what you are doing while holding strong to those high morals and strong values.  I was very blessed with the way things worked out for me and I am grateful that those roadblocks were indeed ones that were good and helped me to see that I needed to stay put long enough because the BEST things were on the horizon. I am going to say this one last time, just because it is Good it is not Good For you. Seek out the very best. You deserve the very best. The best is out there but it is a never-ending process. Remember it is not about perfection it is about the journey.

Fail Forward

I want you to think about how many failures you have had in your life.  Do not take this lightly.   Write them down and once you feel like you have remembered all of them, take a sufficient amount of time and write them down. After you have done that take some more time and thought then write either next to them or on another page everything you feel you learned from those failures.

Failure for me personally is one of the toughest things for me to deal with. Over the years though, I have come to accept that it is just a part of life. Let me share with you four ways to help you take the failure in your life and turn it around.

  1. Embrace it, and internalize it
  2. Look at each failure as one more way that it just does not work
  3. Take 15 minutes a day to review each one and make an action plan
  4. Have someone you trust to keep you accountable and who you can talk to for support

Now let me discuss each one in more detail.

When You Fail Embrace it, and Internalize it

This is crucial to helping you with the next three. Do not get down on yourself. Do not let others get down on you or belittle you for your mistakes. We are all human and mistakes are bound to happen. Successful people are the ones who will embrace those mistakes and failures so they can understand them better and why they happened in the first place.

 Here is another story I have a goal to run a successful online business. One of the things that I wanted to do was set up an online shop full of lots of different things that people could buy. For those of you that do not know what drop shipping is let me explain that quickly. Dropshipping is a term used when people set up their shop online that people can shop from but they do not have to carry any inventory because the company mails the product directly to the person who bought it. My first experience of doing this was through a company called Doba and I was posting the products on eBay to sell because I was in the process of setting up my website.  I even went as far as incorporating a company called Random World Inc. while I was living in Idaho. Now before I go any farther with that story let me talk about the other three steps to help you through failure in your life.


Look at Each Failure as Just One More Way That it Does Not Work:

Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he had to figure out a ton of other ways that did not work. After all those failures, he finally came up with the way that worked the best. If you need to like you did earlier make a list of your failures so you can remember better the ones that do not work but more importantly also write down what does work; which brings me to step three.


Take 15 Minutes a Day to Review Each One Then Make an Action Plan:                                

Have you ever heard that phrase “actions speak louder than words?” In my youth, I heard that quite a bit and rightly so because it’s a fact that actions do speak louder than words. You need to invest everything you have into this and that is why you need to take 15 minutes a day and review those failures so you can map out other options and then put those into play. I promise as you do this that you will see better ways on how to go about improving things within your life and or organization.  Part of creating success is willing to change direction when a new direction needs to happen. Success is not determined by the failures you have but by the pure and plain fact that you are going to keep standing back up every time that you do fail!

Have Someone You Trust Keep You Accountable and Who You Can Talk to For Support:

Pick a few people that you know you can trust. Friends or family who you know are going to be there for you no matter what. Keep building upon those relationships of course but lean on them for support and let them help you when you need help. There is no shame in asking for help. Let them know of your plans and ask them to hold you accountable for your action plans. They can be there to give you sound advice or even not sound advice but it also gives you someone you can bounce ideas off of and help you figure everything out that needs to get figured out.

Remember the story I was telling you about the drop shipping I wanted to do through my company? Let’s just say it is important to make sure you know everything about what you are planning on doing before you do it. Due to my lack of knowledge (which was my fault) I ended up maxing out my credit card because of fees. That experience taught me not to invest in anything before having all the facts. I embraced it by just moving forward and going in another direction and learning more for a future date when I would be able to do it again. As you can see I am still alive and writing about it and the world did not end because of it. Sometimes it can be just a trial and error thing you got to work out. If I could sum up part five in just a few words it would be this. Do not give up.  Just keep on keeping on my friend.

. Seven years ago I was given a tiny card with a poem on it. The very last part of the poem goes like this: “…do not judge a person by his failures in life many are too honest to succeed.”

When I first heard that poem those seven years ago I have to say that I agreed with the whole statement.  However now seven years later I have a different perspective and the statement still holds, but I know there is more to it than what it says. 


For one month, I had the opportunity to work as a car salesman. The place I happened to work at fit the bill perfectly for the car salesman stereotype. The person that I shadowed for a day told me to assume that the customer was going to lie to you so you lie to them.  I got to know from firsthand experience that when people walk onto the lot they have it in their heads that the car salesman is scum and to get past that you have to change their minds within the first few seconds of talking to them. Not being a good salesman anyway I must say that month of work was pretty tough for me. However, in that month I did sell a car and that was because I did it honestly by being upfront with the customer. I would have sold more cars during that month but I was being impeded by dishonest superiors who wanted me to be dishonest as well. I was asked to be vague and dodge questions. Because I was not compliant with those rules they fired me and told me that in my first month I was expected to have fallen into selling four or five cars in the first month without real training. I could see that but when it came to talking numbers and they would not give me numbers before the customer was committed to buy then that kind of defeats that rule don’t you think?

 Long-lasting success comes from being honest. Having relationships built on a solid foundation of trust and respect is going to get you a lot farther than if you twist your words and do something fancy to get someone’s attention for just that moment. When you do that, once they are gone they are gone. You can tell when someone is being sincere and you hate it when others are not so why would you then turn around and do it yourself?  As I am sure you have already experience yourself you have been asked to do things in life to try and get ahead but I promise you that those things that go against your moral principles and values will make your success short-lived. Take the high road. It’s always a better view and helps you see things clearer.


Be Solution Focused

Every single day you are going to run into problems or issues that you have no idea how to solve. There are going to be times when you feel like those problems or issues will not be solved. From my experience, I have come across work colleagues who complain constantly that problems are going on and they feel like they are being treated unfairly or some injustice is going on and they talk about that issue constantly and go back and forth with others in that same realm. They are focused more on the problem at hand rather than trying to come up with any solutions to make things better. The problem is not the problem itself but how the problem is handled by the person who needs to handle it. Every once in a while, the problem is us and we just need to take a step back from the issue and give ourselves some time to think about it so we can realize that we are the ones that need to change. However, with that being said let me share with you five ways to help you or your organization better focus on the solutions rather than the problem.

  1. K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid)
  2. Put all Options on the table
  3. Take Risks
  4. Bounce Your Ideas off people you do not know.
  5. Have Fun

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Remember not to overcomplicate things. More often than not it is the simplest of solutions that are going to help solve your problem whatever it may be. The nature of human beings is to over complicate things and make them more difficult than they have to be. No matter what your situation or what issue you may be facing keep the KISS acronym at the very forefront of your mind which as you read above stands for Keep it Simple Stupid. If you feel that your solution could be too much and overdoing it you are probably right but remember if it is simple for you then go ahead and try it and see if it works.


Put all options on the table

I do not care how crazy the solution might sound I always highly recommend that you put all options on the table. When we limit ourselves to only a few we are discounting other things that may even work better or even have some solutions that can be combined.


Take Risks

There are going to be those who say that some things cannot be done. There will be those who are going to tell you it can all be done. That, of course, is not up for anybody to decide, except for yourself and those involved in the solution. Do not be afraid to take risks when you are making those decisions.  The best solutions come I have experienced come from taking those risks and just going for it. If one does not work then I work on another one and another one until I come to find the ultimate solution for each given problem. 


 Bounce Your Ideas off people you do not know

After you have been doing some brainstorming take those ideas to people that you do not know. You want to get an unbiased opinion and from my experience, someone who is not close to you or has connections to you will tell you the truth rather than just tell you what you want to hear. In an organization, you can do this with your customers by sending out surveys they can take. One thing to keep in mind with that is you are not going to make everyone happy so stick with what you believe but don’t jip yourself or your customers. Be real with yourself and them.


Have Fun

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Don’t be afraid to try and see the humor in your situation or the issue at hand. Just because you are all grown up does not mean you can no longer be silly or have a good time. If you think that making a game or a contest or something of that nature is going to help you get a solution to a problem, then take the time and go for it. I know that when I get too serious about my problems I cannot see two feet in front of me. Having some good ole fashioned fun can shed some light on a situation and move things along a bit faster. If you do not remember anything else, then remember to have fun.

Forget Titles

Now let me share with you a story about an amazing company I used to work for. I felt that I could progress and make it far within that company but after three years of working there, I was not progressing anywhere although my skills and my dedication to the company were more than 100%.  I felt that I knew the company inside and out and because of that, I wanted to become one of the trainers. Unfortunately, because both people in HR had something against me for one reason or another, and to this day I still do not know why I never became a trainer. I was extremely irritated when I found out that the new trainer that they hired had only been there for eight months. I was confused as to why when I had shown such loyalty and knew the company inside and out that they would hire someone who had only been there such a short time. It was even tougher for me when I was taking my re-certification in customer service and I could answer things that he had no idea about or could not even answer. It was not easy doing my job after that yet I still put forth all my effort and gave everything I had to make sure the customers were taken care of. In life, we are going to come across people who have these great and wonderful titles and for me being a trainer would have been great but after some time meaning a couple years later, I began to realize that I did not need to advance in the company or in this life to make a difference. I could do what I wanted to do in a smaller area and work my way around doing different things and making sure that I was living life to my full potential and not worry about others in a sense that they are ahead of me but be there for those who needed my help or give where I could give. I figured out that just because I have the title it does not mean a thing. It is good to try and achieve those goals but remember to keep the bigger picture in mind. Do we want the title to show off or do we want the title because we feel with more authority we can make a bigger difference?  It does not matter what title you have. It does not make you a better person. It is what is on the inside that counts not what is on the outside. Do not let anybody tell you that you cannot make a difference where you are at currently. If you want to make a difference, then find a way to make that difference. Do not try and be anybody that you are not. Be yourself and do what you do best.

Negate the Negativity

Have you ever been around someone constantly talking negatively about everything? Are you that person sometimes? I have been that person at times and in all reality when that happens to me I find myself moving backward instead of forwards. Negativity is like a swarm of termites and if not destroyed immediately can cause extensive damage that in some cases, almost all cases, can be very hard to repair.

For the last two years of college for one reason or another, I had a very difficult time in obtaining my financial aid and because of that I became irritated the last two years I had to apply because I had the attitude that things were just more complicated than they had to be and as my wife will attest my blood would boil if we had to talk to the financial aid office or have to send in the paperwork that I felt was just a waste of time, etc.

Looking back on that I now realize that all that time I spent being negative did not solve anything. All it did was waste precious time that I could have taken in more appropriate routes to resolve any issues and truth be told it Is I that was the one making things more difficult than they had to be instead of just doing as they asked me to do. Stemming from that I kind of became a quote-unquote know it all who felt that he could do anybody and everybody’s job all because they made a mistake that was out of their control.

To move forward in life, you constantly have to be aware of the negativity around you as well as be aware of things that are going on that cause you to be negative. That is the first step to cleansing yourself from the vice. Focus on building up a positive attitude within yourself and spread that positivity with everyone you meet. Find something that makes you happy and constantly be thinking about it which in turn can also be a great motivator when things get a little rough. Crappy days are going to happen. Crappy things are going to happen to you but try your hardest to maintain a positive attitude. No. It will not be easy to do so and it takes practice but you are in control of your destiny and it is up to you how you are going to react to certain situations so negate the negativity because if you don’t I can promise you it will consume your soul and drown you. The waves will beat down and coming back up will be almost impossible. Decide now your attitude because it is your attitude that is going to determine how far you are going to go.

One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was having a thing of silly putty and making it into anything and everything I could think of. I also loved the fact that if you rolled it onto a newspaper that it would pick up the print and if you did it right you could read it because it transferred everything over. It was just fantastic how flexible it was and if you had a creative mind you could probably just create about anything and I will you

The last couple of years have taught me that one trait that is treasured and should be had by all is the ability to be flexible. I am going to share with you two things that you can do that to help you be more flexible and adapt to any situation without having to compromise your values.

  1. Delegate and Get rid of the unnecessary
  2. Stir things up and be irrational

First things first you need to delegate and get rid of the unnecessary. Go through everything in your life and or your organization to terminate or fix those things that are weighing you down or decreasing in productivity. Not all shortcuts are great but seek out those shortcuts that help you to do more and be better. One thing to keep in mind however though is that not all shortcuts help but some can hinder.

After that go ahead and stir things up. Do some things that just do not make sense and be a little irrational. Let me clarify something with that don’t go out and get yourself into debt but do some things, appropriate things that are going to shock the people around you. In so many words and metaphorically speaking give your family and friends a firework show. Doing something out of the ordinary will also give you a breather from the day to day stuff.

Being flexible also means that when you need to go a different direction you are going to be willing to do so. Having the flexibility will not limit you to certain things but it will open up massive opportunities. Some things are just not going to work out but being flexible will allow you to keep moving and flowing smoothly. Do not let the speed bumps of life stop you from reaching your goals. The two things I suggested, I promise will help you learn to be flexible and it will help you expand your comfort zone. It will give you a greater reach and it will teach you a lot of other things that can only come from experience.

When I started my online business I had a plan and I was going to see that plan through and I thought and felt things were going to get off of the ground right away. However because of unforeseen things like eBay fees and not being prepared for everything I ended up having to change my plans. Since now moving in a different direction things are going the way that they are meant to be going and the way that I want them to be going at this time. So learn to be flexible I promise you it will benefit you in the long run. Don’t be stiff like aboard. It never does anybody any good especially yourself.

Learn Patience

Have you ever heard that saying “patience is a virtue”? I heard it all growing up and as a teenager, I had no patience so hearing it just made me roll my eyes and go about my business. At the time I did not want to wait for anything. When I wanted something, I would go out and get it and yes do not get me wrong that can be good in some cases but speaking for the majority of the time as humans we need to learn some patience.

With all the technology that we possess and with the fast-paced world we live in all of us or at least most of us expect things to come immediately. We expect results and information right away and with the ever-increasing mobile miracles, we can get that information with a few clicks or touches of the screen. However when things do not go our way from my experience and what I have seen is that we throw a huge fit.  Take for example when someone cuts us off driving or if we are in a hurry, and someone slow is in front of us so we feel it is necessary to either honk the horn or jerk around them and pass them at a speed we should not be going in the first place. Why is it we expect others to be on our schedule? Why would we get mad at them when all they are doing is trying to get to work as well or even go visit their family members they may not have seen in a while?

            Keeping your emotions in check shows a great deal of character. Learn to let things roll off your back. Having patience when it comes to difficult situations can help you get those situations resolved a lot faster than just blowing a fuse. After working as a customer service representative I became acutely aware of anything dealing with customer service. My wife laughs at me on occasion because I am always making comments if someone is not exactly that happy when they greet us or if they are even enthusiastic about that matter. However with that being said even when I have had a bad experience I have learned to pick my battles so that at the end of the day I can be prepared to win the war. There have been times where I have picked the wrong battles and come out worse on the other side. Patience takes practice. Believe me, you are not alone in this I know a lot of people including myself who are constantly trying to work on their patience levels.

I can promise you that as you become more patient you are going to find that some of those tough situations may become easier to resolve and things will become clearer to you. Remember to think before you act because your actions and your words can never be taken back. There are things in my life that I wish I could completely erase from my memory because they are still painful to think about but the fact of the matter is I cannot and you cannot so the best thing to do is move forward. Be patient especially with yourself. Success takes time. 

Be Charitable

Being charitable if sincere can take you places you never thought possible. You will meet people who will change your life or even your organization. One thing to keep in mind, however, is to not do anything with a grudge in your heart or with the intent to get recognized.  I can promise you as you become more charitable your eyes will be opened and you will be more aware of the issues at hand which will then in turn make a positive change not only in your life but those you come in contact with.  My dad was a great example of being charitable. He does it for a hobby and because of his example, there have been many occasions where my life has been touched I believe more than the lives of the people we were trying to help I have listed some ways to help get you started on being more charitable. Give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.

  1. Donate a percentage of your paycheck to a charity of your choice
  2. Do Fundraisers for certain causes
  3. Become a Big Brother or sister
  4. Become a Child Advocate
  5. Donate Blood
  6. Set up a website that people can donate money to a specific non-profit organization
  7. Participate in Walks
  8. Volunteer at Homeless Shelters
  9. Visit Nursing Homes to sit with the Elderly
  10. Volunteer at Animal Shelters

At the end of the day, success will not come easy. If you are willing to change, adapt, become your very best self, work hard and never give up then you can create your success whatever that may be, whatever you define it to be it will happen. Don’t wait! Get out there and create success. It is up to you. 

If you are looking to dive deeper into power habits I recently read a book called High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. He has been studying Habits for years thus the incredible book he wrote. You can get his book on Amazon which I have included a link to as well to his High Performance Habits Planner. I have both and they are already changing my life. 

Post may contain affiliate links. This means if you decide to purchase I will receive a commission percentage of the Sale. I only promote what I believe in and have used myself. 

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